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LACMA Sets the Stage for Chagall.

Being a fan of Chagall's imaginatively vivid and mysterious paintings that always seem slightly off to me, I was thrilled when I heard LACMA was exhibiting his work. When I learned the exhibit was showcasing his costume and set design creations—a medium I never knew he worked in, the inner theater geek in me who also loves fashion got a little verklempt!

Stay of the Art!

The immersive communion with art happens almost immediately as you pull into the hotel’s entryway. Former curator of the Denver Art Museum Dianne Vanderlip is responsible for assembling the hotel’s entire art collection. Wanting to evoke the spirit of Colorado, Vanderlip commissioned a variety of artists including John Baldessari, Sol Lewitt, and Frank Gehry, to make contributions to the hotel inspired by the region

Kerry James Marshall's Figurative Mastery

While the distinctions between the paintings might lie in whether it’s a historic event, landscape or interior composition, the unifying attributes are striking bold colors and exquisite detail. Some of the paintings reminded me of photographs due to the amount of specificity and precision present in the entirety of the piece.

The New Whitney

Still after all these years the Whitney is a “must-see” for anyone visiting New York City. With so much more to experience, go and let the intrinsically American art challenge your interpretations of the everyday objects you find there and the inspiring conversations they provoke.