All in Wanderlust

TBOT Denver Do's!

Given all the museums, city parks, local markets, breweries and gift shops scattered throughout Denver, we kept ourselves pretty busy without ever climbing a mountain or jumping on a ski lift.

Stay of the Art!

The immersive communion with art happens almost immediately as you pull into the hotel’s entryway. Former curator of the Denver Art Museum Dianne Vanderlip is responsible for assembling the hotel’s entire art collection. Wanting to evoke the spirit of Colorado, Vanderlip commissioned a variety of artists including John Baldessari, Sol Lewitt, and Frank Gehry, to make contributions to the hotel inspired by the region

Back in the Saddle Again at Sunset Ranch Hollywood

Though I would have liked to go faster on my horse, I found the ride to be peaceful, meditative and stunningly beautiful—especially as the sun began to descend—blanketing the landscape with amber light. We saw the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys, Rancho Palos Verdes, the Pacific Ocean and downtown Los Angeles. I’d never seen the Griffith Observatory from that vantage point and had never been that close to the Hollywood sign.

Cooking Up a Feast in Tuscany

After we selected the meats, cheeses, olives, balsamic vinegar, and sun-dried tomatoes; picked up the bread from the local bakery; and tasted the wines we’d be pairing with our meal, a chartered minibus drove us up to the Tuscan hills surrounding the city. There we encountered a beautiful rustic farmhouse sitting on acres of land.

The Fabulous "Five Lands" of Italy

Though certainly not the best kept secret along the Italian Riviera anymore, I was delighted to see that aside from the crowds, nothing had really changed. It was still the most charismatically rustic collection of architectural porn I’d ever seen.

Where Brooklyn At, Where Brooklyn At, Where Brooklyn At?

From Babs (Barbra Streisand) to Biggie (The Notorious B.I.G.), Brooklyn has long been the birthplace for many of societies most accomplished contributors and the preeminent ground zero of cool. A manifold of cultures producing art, food, fashion, literature, theater and music across a landscape of neighborhoods marked by distinctive architecture and historic significance, have inspired its new inhabitants tenfold. Though its been spiffed and polished, the bones of the BK still remain.

Park City Utah: The Ideal Cinematic Backdrop for Sundance

For this former New York City dweller now converted Los Angeleno, I couldn’t contain my childlike giddiness while watching snowflakes the size of quarters gently fall upon me—snowflakes that amounted to 70 inches over the course of my trip! I completely understand why Park City, Utah serves as the ideal cinematic backdrop for the Sundance Film Festival. 

A TBOT 2016 Best of Retrospective

More likely than not, in a few hours I’ll be clinking a glass of bubbly before planting a kiss on my partner for good luck while a group of friends stumble through the lyrics of “Auld Lang Syne” (why is it that no one can ever remember the words to that damn song? I sing it every year and still have no idea what comes after “Should all acquaintance be forgot.”)

Cape Cod July 4th from Sea to Shining Sea.

“Partying” on the Outer Cape can go one of two ways: a) Awkwardly gesticulating while members of your family try to guess whatever person, place or thing is written on a strip of scrap-paper in 60 seconds or less. Ooooorrrr b) Fist-pumping, glow stick-holding, paddle-turning to Beyonce until 5 am with a gaggle of gays on the dance floor of a local Provincetown nightclub! If you ask me, both sound like a fabulous time

Keen on Kiwi

At the halfway point, we dropped anchor in a remote cove and swam from the boat to the beach. Some of us played Backgammon and Frisbee, while others built sandcastles. We sipped rose champagne and played poker while the best of Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye played in the background. 

La Dolce Vita...Amalfi Coast

Let me just say this: I believe a prerequisite for traveling to Italy is coming to terms with the possible expansion of your waistline. You’re going to eat bread and pasta, you’re going to drink wine, and you’re going to have gelato everyday (twice if you’re like me) and it’s FINE! Live! Enjoy yourself! It’s Italy for God sakes and you’re worth it! 

We Ate, We Prayed, We Loved...Bali.

In those settings I was surprised at my ability to quiet my noisy Western-mind—my only focus being to remain still and embrace the present moment. The peaceful frequency of Bali and its effect on my central nervous system was exactly the reboot I needed before returning to the rat race of Los Angeles.