All in Mode-ality

Photogenic Swimwear!

Since March 2007 Orlebar Brown’s tailored trunks have been gracing the butts of the stylish elite—offering one-of-a-kind prints and patterns that easily transition from the beach or poolside to a casual lunch or shopping trip out on the town.

Spring Into Designer Button-Downs.

Here are four independent designers that continue to move the fashion needle forward producing novel pieces that leave lasting impressions. All four make their clothing in America and pride themselves on using superior fabrics and construction modalities to create their collections. I imagine the shirts you purchase from these designers will quickly become your favorites and edify your “cool status” in the eyes of their many admirers. 

What's Happening South Of My Ankles!

 Craftsmanship so precise and details so subdued these “grown-up” sneakers have the ease and accessibility of Chuck Taylor’s with the style and elegance of Ferragamo wingtips. Common Projects imply effortlessness—allowing the shoes to quietly, yet confidently speak for themselves.

Snatching a Glimpse of Gabrielle Elyse

"As a multicultural woman, I have a lot of backgrounds and history in my family. I am a product of love transcending boundaries. I am a product of unity. Although growing up, I was killing myself trying to fit in somewhere, I realized in my older years that I was put on this Earth to create a new box for people. Better yet, break the box completely and redefine what it means to be a person in America." -Gabrielle Elyse

A TBOT 2016 Best of Retrospective

More likely than not, in a few hours I’ll be clinking a glass of bubbly before planting a kiss on my partner for good luck while a group of friends stumble through the lyrics of “Auld Lang Syne” (why is it that no one can ever remember the words to that damn song? I sing it every year and still have no idea what comes after “Should all acquaintance be forgot.”)

As Long As I’ve Got My Suit and Tie!

Nowadays, most men think about purchasing a suit when they get married, when they have to attend a wedding or when there is a death in the family. Suit buying has become a reactionary response to an anomalous event that pops up out of nowhere and generally involves procrastination if not scrambling and stress.

Making a Statement in Oxford Lads New York

What I love about the brand is the unique way bold but tasteful prints and patterns are paired with traditional styles easily found in a “typical guy’s” wardrobe without being over-the-top or garish. The designs are subtle but at the same time intriguing and elevated.  

Cast of Vices.

Christopher Glancy and Jay LeCompte are the creative force behind the line that uses social commentary to punctuate its fashion statement. The two take recognizable objects that have a pervasive social function and poke fun at them.

To Beard or Not to Beard?

Not all beard growth is created equal. Painful razor bumps, flaky skin underneath unruly hairs and sandpaper cheeks that “rug burn” the faces of those we love, all necessitate grooming guidance.

The Base Project

Twin brothers Chris and Doug Akin founded The Base Project in order to connect artisans in less flourishing markets around the globe to the US market. Like Toms’The Base Project takes a percentage of their proceeds and puts it back into the local communities investing in developmental projects as well as providing employment opportunities.