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Turn Your Hotel Room Into a Personal Gym

I invested in some fitness equipment I could easily travel with as well as a back-to-basics workout routine that can be executed inside a hotel room. Resistance bands comfortably fit into a carry-on or checked bag. Once you get back to the daily grind, you won’t feel like you’re starting at square one.

Freeze It, Hold It, Squeeze It!

But for those who are unable to invest in training sessions or feel more comfortable sweating it out on their own (motivation: Beyonce’s Lemonade album— word to the wise… “Don’t Hurt Yourself”), there are many ways to optimize your workouts by simply changing your approach to some popular exercises. Hiding in plain sight are key tweaks that can dramatically enhance the results of your familiar routine making the exercises more effective at getting you closer to reaching your fitness goals. 

A TBOT 2016 Best of Retrospective

More likely than not, in a few hours I’ll be clinking a glass of bubbly before planting a kiss on my partner for good luck while a group of friends stumble through the lyrics of “Auld Lang Syne” (why is it that no one can ever remember the words to that damn song? I sing it every year and still have no idea what comes after “Should all acquaintance be forgot.”)

Beef: It's What's For Snack!

Responsible farmers like Homegrown Meats provide a higher quality product produced the old-fashion way. By just letting their cows happily graze on grass they ensure that we the customer enjoy flavorful meat that is safe for us to ingest

Kombucha Kraze!

Kombucha is where medical journals meet holistic common sense. If it works for you and you feel a difference then stick with it! You’ll at least be cutting down your sugar intake, digesting your food better, and getting a boost in energy—placebo effect or not!


Most bars on the market are filled with sugars and chemicals to make them taste good and preservatives to prolong their shelf life. You won’t find any of that in these 100% organic, vegan, non-GMO bars.

The 'Scurge' of Acne and the Skincare Regimen that Saved Me

The truth is, besides my hormones, the biggest contributor to my continual problem with acne has been my own ignorance. I didn’t know what to use, how to use it, or how often I should. Now that I’m 32 with enough trial and error and Biore blackhead strips behind me, I’ve finally found a skincare regimen that’s working for least for now.

To Whey Or Not To Whey?

Like kale and quinoa, whey protein has enjoyed a place of prominence thanks to fitness marketing—promising to be the best for building lean muscle. Here’s the problem, for many people (especially brown people) whey protein doesn’t agree with their systems.