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True Bohemians Live Style.

If you love Bohemian style and value authentic representations of the aesthetic instead of the bastardized versions readily available on the market, I would venture into Live Style and see what Moroccan chic really looks like

Croft House

I stumbled into Croft House 5 years ago while searching for a new bed. At the time, my partner and I were moving in together and discovering our taste compatibility. Through many trials and much error (on his part of course) we came to the agreement that aesthetically, Croft House was our manifested “meeting of the minds.”

One Man's Chachki Is Another Man's Object D'Art!

I suppose I take issue with the word “chachki.” I’ve come to view collecting distinctive objects as a wonderful way to express myself in my physical world. Photographs, art collections, and tangible mementoes acquired overtime through travel and adventures serve as the heart and soul of a home. We spend a considerable amount of time indoors, so why not fill our spaces with treasures that enrich our quality of life and bring us joy?  I call it conscientious materialism.

A TBOT 2016 Best of Retrospective

More likely than not, in a few hours I’ll be clinking a glass of bubbly before planting a kiss on my partner for good luck while a group of friends stumble through the lyrics of “Auld Lang Syne” (why is it that no one can ever remember the words to that damn song? I sing it every year and still have no idea what comes after “Should all acquaintance be forgot.”)

Five Tbot Favorites From Renegade LA: There's Still Time!

Over 250 local artisans took over Grand Park in downtown LA offering up their exquisite hand-crafted originals to the masses of holiday shopping hopefuls determined to cross another loved one off their lists. With an impressive collection of products covering home decor, art, accessories, bath, body, food and fashion, Renegade LA made finding that special something like shooting fish in a barrel. 

Five TBOT Favorites From Unique LA!

Now that I’m a blogger and an owner of an online store (TBOT Bazaar soon to launch in 2017) I’ve been working very diligently behind the scenes to curate a smorgasbord of noteworthy products that aim to enhance quality of life.  Because I am constantly on the hunt for cutting edge merchandise possessing an innovative “cool factor” and firmly believe in supporting local artisans, I’ve come to depend on events like Unique LA.

Wall Planters that Pop with Succulent Sophistication

Succulents are cacti so they like warm temperatures and need lots of sunlight. It can be tricky growing them indoors but extremely doable. The plants contain their own water-storing system located in their stems and leaves, so the key is not to over water them. They don’t like to sit in wet soil. They like to soak up the water and dry out. 

Bringing the Outside In.

Beyond the functionality of the space is how one wants themselves and others to feel while dwelling in it. Colors, fabrics, building materials, lighting fixtures etc. all come together to strategically shape that narrative. 

Dwelling On Design

 I must have circled the building 10 times before seeing the same booth twice, and even then; something I’d previously missed would catch my eye. I could write a dissertation on the amount of noteworthy products I stumbled upon, but I will spare you all and just mention my top three.