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Croft House

Croft House

Croft house coffee table

Amongst the onslaught of independent home furnishing stores in Los Angeles who work with reclaimed and sustainable materials, very few come close to the level of refined craftsmanship found at Croft House. Since 2010, Croft House has been the preeminent purveyor of contemporary furniture that combines the beauty of natural materials with clean industrial lines—evoking the carefree spirit and ease of Southern California living. From cabinets to consoles, every piece is handmade, sourced from high quality materials and manufactured locally. The Croft House designers work with clients to create custom pieces that satisfy their decorative needs. Aside from their eternally classic design approach that guarantees its aesthetic relevance, the company prides itself on constructing furniture that’s built to last.

Croft House Shelving
Croft House considers negative space to be just another material at their disposal
— Croft House
Croft House- Mossam platform bed

I stumbled into Croft House 5 years ago while searching for a new bed. At the time, my partner and I were moving in together and discovering our taste compatibility. Through many trials and much error (on his part of course) we came to the agreement that aesthetically, Croft House was our manifested “meeting of the minds.”  Perhaps it was the simple but sophisticated sleekness of the “Mossam Platform” design. The way the reclaimed oak that had been salvaged from barns throughout the United States warmed up the coolness of the stainless steel. Not only was the bed eco-friendly, which was a high selling point for this environmentally conscience consumer, but the design epitomized modern accessible luxury, and at the same time, told a notable story through the wood.

Croft House- Juice Served Here
Croft House Cloud Side Table

Since their inception, Croft House’s skillful artistry has only increased—attracting commercial retailers like Juice Served Here and restaurants such as Pistola and Diablo Taco who all feature Croft House tables, chairs and woodwork in their decor. Improving upon the signature designs that carved their place in the furniture industry they’ve started to work with new materials like silver stone marble highlighted in their “Cloud” side table. I particularly love the “Sierra” chair for its extraordinary steel frame and comfy slopping cushion. It speaks to the type of innovation customers have come to expect from the brand.

Croft House- Sierra chair
Croft House- Sierra in white

Croft House considers negative space to be just another material at their disposal, this perspective allows their design team to present scale in unique and exciting ways. Commingling these defining characteristics of modern design with the utmost commitment to the use of natural materials, Croft House creates a new generation of timeless furniture.” (Croft House)

Croft House Console

Whether you’re in the market for furniture or not, a visit to their Hollywood showroom is worth it for inspiration alone. Depending on your personal relationship to the word “expensive,” you should be prepared to feel the “pay” in the phrase “get what you pay for,” when it comes to their price points. That being said, any investment you make at Croft House will offer a satisfactory return for years to come. Personally, after 5 years, I know that has been the case for me.

Croft House table



Croft House white stone coffee table

Location: 326 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Phone: (323) 424-7743

Hours: Open 7 days a week from 10am to 6pm




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