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Launching the TBOT Bazaar With New Massage Fireplace Candles!

Launching the TBOT Bazaar With New Massage Fireplace Candles!

the TBOT three

Cut the ribbon, pose for the camera and swing the virtual doors of The Bazaar open for business! Idioms like “pleased as punch” don’t begin to describe how excited I am to officially launch The Book of Taste’s online store. Having the opportunity to selectively scan the marketplace for unique, handcrafted, one-of-kind merchandise that I believe will enrich the lives of TBOT customers is more than a privilege, it’s a responsibility I take very seriously. With a primary focus on promoting local artisans who pride themselves on using high-quality, sustainable raw materials to create their innovative products, I hope to curate an experiential smorgasbord of luxury goods designed for connoisseurs of taste. Overtime, through developing partnerships with various artisans, The Bazaar’s “racks” “shelves” and “glass cases” will mainly be filled with exclusive and limited edition items only available to the TBOT customer. With the bar set at exceptional, TBOT will ensure all these commodities pass the luxury smell test.

pouring the candle
TBOT cooling candle

It was only last summer after having brunch in Venice that I stumbled upon Fireplace Candles at Artists and Fleas. Wandering around the outdoor market from one fantastic booth to the next, my impromptu stroll quickly turned into a marathon for my credit card. Amongst the A-list craftsmen was the Fireplace Candles booth that stood head and shoulders above the rest.  As I waited for the two ladies behind the booth making smiles at all the customers in line to be rung up, I took a tour of their stockpile. I felt my own smile widen as I read label after label.  “Captain Crunch,” “All About the Benjamin’s,” and “Gain Freshness” with a clever question that read “Is laundry on your To-Do list?” had me laughing out loud. How original—how utterly different than anything I’d ever come across. ‘Chicken and Waffles?’ Wait… Really? I opened the jar to smell the candle and I was sold. This is unbelievable, I said in amazement letting my credit card continue its tour de force!  How did you capture the essence of this smell so accurately? All of their candles smell exactly like their namesakes no matter how obscure and unusual the scents are. In that moment I knew Fireplace Candles would be the perfect company to collaborate with to create an exclusive line of luxury candles for TBOT.

Achilles' Heal

Embarking on the process of creating TBOT original candles, the Santa Monica based duo and I embraced the challenge of improving upon their already top-of-the-line product. We asked ourselves how we could elevate the candle by offering something new to the candle enjoying experience. In addition to new packaging featuring a sleek black glass container with more volume, we made the paraben & phthalate-free, 100% organic & vegan soy wax, double as massage oil. As the candle burns with that Fireplace Candles signature wooden wick crackling through its glow, the wax melts into perfectly safe massage oil that can be used to rub away aches and pains. While you’re enjoying the aromatherapy, why not get some physical therapy too? Whether you’re rubbing the massage oil on yourself or a loved one—or just enjoying the way the scent fills up the room, these candles will give you 40 hours of luxurious stimulation.

Buck Naked

After several brainstorming sessions where we explored a variety of scent profiles, the ladies and I conceived the TBOT three: “Deadly Weapon,” “Achilles’ Heal,” and “Buck Naked.”  Notes of clove and frankincense make “Deadly Weapon” dangerously irresistible—ideal for any bachelor pad in need of odor rescue or those who prefer masculine colognes. “Achilles’ Heal” will surely sooth with its vanilla overtones firmly grounded in sandalwood.  For those who love a refreshingly clean scent you’ll love the lemon infused white sage and sea salt combination in “Buck Naked.” True to the integrity of the Fireplace Candles brand, from the names to the quality of the product, these hand-poured candles aim to please on a multi-sensory level.

Deadly Weapon

I sat down with Alexandria La Flora and Breeonn Jones, the two co-founders tending the Fireplace, to learn a little bit more about their company and their love of candle making.



Alex & Bree Fireplace Candles

How did you two get started? What was it about candle making that spoke to you? What is it that you love about candles in general?

We love DIY projects! This one just so happened to stick in a way where we knew we had something good on our hands. Besides our outrageously awesome scents, there's something about natural light. It's soothing, calming, just pure relaxation. That is what we love about candles. 

What’s the story behind the name?

A Fireplace Candle is exactly just that—a fireplace in a candle. The wicks are wooden and like wood in a fireplace, the burning wood makes a soothing crackle. Except, there's no hassle of chopping down wood or cautioning embers. 

What makes your candles different from other candles on the market?

Other than our wicks being wood, we have unique, nostalgic scents. Our “Fruit Loops” can take you back to your childhood or “Chicken & Waffles” to your grandmother's kitchen. 

As a Los Angeles based company, how much would you say your local environment influences your creative process?

Living in the capital of 'Hipsterville' has definitely inspired our scents. We have created most of our scents around unconventional fragrances. We often think, ‘What do people like to smell and wish it could be an actual fragrance in their homes?’ “Garden Dirt” was a surprising hit! 

You two have created some really unique candle scents, from “Crazy For Cocoa Puffs” to “Monkey Farts.” What inspires these inventive creations and their equally off-the-wall names?

Most of our creations are requests from our customers. We love to play with the names! Taking them from pop culture or what is trending—seems to light a spark with our customers, no pun intended, but we pride ourselves with fragrances that are true to the name. Like “Jack and Coke!” You can literally smell the whiskey, taking you back to a night you probably don't remember. 

What was the very first Fireplace Candle scent?

Our first Fireplace Candle scent was “Caramel Popcorn.” A warm but sweet scent. 

 Out of all the candle scents you’ve created, which one is your personal favorite? Okay, I know that’s an unfair question because you love all your children, but gun to your head, which would either of you pick and why?

“Peach Cobbler,” uhhhh, my God I love that one! (Bree) “The Black Sea!” It is everything! (Alex)

 You two have developed three different Fireplace Candle Lines: “The Originals,” “Man Cave,” and “Comfort Food.” Now that you’ve teamed up with TBOT to create a new luxury line, what would you say makes these candles particularly special?

We brought in the sexy for this line! Collaborating with TBOT has brought forth the opportunity to present our lotion candle for the first time. Yes! These particular candles can be used as massage oils. Lights out, candles lit, and the seducing begins. 

 Aside from continuing to perfect the art of candle making, do you two have aspirations to expand your product line and if so what types of products might we see in the future?

We are in the works of creating diffusers and fragrant sachets—Expanding our line to your car, office and home. 

A word to the wise: What would you say is the number one “don’t” when it comes to proper candling enjoying etiquette?

Never, and we mean never, let your candle burn through the night. No matter how romantic the night gets! 


TBOT Massage Candles


For best results, please be sure to follow these guidelines each and every time you burn your candles.

Massage Candle Burning & Safety Tips

  • Allow the candle to burn for 2 – 4 hours each time you light it
  • Always keep your wick centered and trimmed to 1/4”.
  • Always place the candle on a heat resistant surface when burning it
  • Keep the burning candle away from children, pets, drafts & flammable objects
  • Do not move the candle while it is burning or if the wax is liquid
  • Never Leave a Burning Candle Unattended!
  • Allow 3 to 5 minutes for the massage oil to cool off after extinguishing the candle flame to avoid burning yourself 

General Info

What type of wax is used?

  • 100% organic and vegan soy wax free of parabens and phthalates 

What type of wicks are used?

  • All natural Wood without paraffins

What is the burn time for a jar?

  • 35-40 hours

Where are FirePlace Candles made?

  • Our candles are homemade & hand-poured in Santa Monica, California.



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