The man behind tbot

A self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades, I grew up a Tar Heel in Durham North Carolina.  Gayer than glitter with a love of the spotlight, I performed professionally as a child (no, not that kind of professional) and eventually trained at North Carolina School of the Arts before fleeing the bible belt.  I graduated magna cum laude from Marymount Manhattan College with a degree in theater, which after some time I tucked away once I realized I enjoyed eating food and having health insurance more than being a starving artist. I lived in Manhattan for 9½ years and then in London for a year before heading to L.A. to pursue a career in entertainment and design.

Armed with precocious curiosity and artistic sensibilities, I’ve worked in various fields including: public relations, fashion, styling, event planning, casting, film production, music and photography. Whether I was interning in the fashion department at Jane Magazine (Conde Nast) or running major events in partnership with Spotlight Studios (NYC) for companies like 20th Century Fox; a passion for taking on new challenges helped engineer my unconventional career path. With a profound love of beauty and a fundamental belief that life is meant to be enjoyed, I continue to seek out people, places and things that enhance life on a multi-sensory level.

Guilty of wanderlust, I’ve been fortunate to travel extensively—a privilege that has dramatically broadened my design aesthetic. As a conscientious member of society, I like to stay informed about the political world around me, offering my opinions on social issues that affect us all. A lover of diverse, eclectic music and intriguing film, I enthusiastically pursue the next best thing (both mainstream and underground) that adds quality to my life and the lives of those around me. The Book of Taste (TBOT) is a forum where all of my interests culminate to create an optimal lifestyle. My personally endorsed recommendations on food, fashion, health & fitness, home décor, arts & entertainment and other miscellaneous this-and-that’s, aim to enrich and inspire. With a discernible eye, I hope to curate an experiential smorgasbord of worldly goods and trades designed for connoisseurs of taste.

TBOT hopes you enjoy this “amuse bouche,” and that you develop an appetite for more. Soon there will be an online store featuring recommended products available for purchase, as well as items made exclusively for the TBOT customer by some remarkably talented artisans. So keep your finger on the page!