It's Lunch Time: Loqui

Ordinarily, I would never recommend flour tortillas over corn. There’s something so gringo and sacrilegious about eating a mouthwatering taco encased in a flour tortilla. That is until you have a handmade flour tortilla from Loqui.

Get Up Close and Personal With the Pulse of the Human Body

Body Worlds: Pulse explores the human body’s systems and the vulnerabilities associated with 21st century living. Detailed scientific information about the varying effects common aliments such as stress or obesity have on the locomotive, nervous, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and reproductive systems are there in the flesh for patrons to interact with and learn from.

Drive Baby Drive!

With the charm and whimsy of a Quentin Tarantino film like Pulp Fiction, Baby Driver strikes a thoroughly entertaining balance between violence, action and light-hearted romance. Earning a 98% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I think for the majority of us that have seen it, we’d agree that writer/director Edgar Wright has put an utterly original spin on a heist comedy! 

Cooking Up a Feast in Tuscany

After we selected the meats, cheeses, olives, balsamic vinegar, and sun-dried tomatoes; picked up the bread from the local bakery; and tasted the wines we’d be pairing with our meal, a chartered minibus drove us up to the Tuscan hills surrounding the city. There we encountered a beautiful rustic farmhouse sitting on acres of land.


I flew to the top of Machu Picchu when I tasted the “Chaufa Paella.”  Not since visiting Segovia, Spain, have I had paella this good. The signature, scorched bits of rice called socarrat one finds at the bottom of the cast iron skillet were mixed in with the fluffy rice to create the ideal texture.

The Fabulous "Five Lands" of Italy

Though certainly not the best kept secret along the Italian Riviera anymore, I was delighted to see that aside from the crowds, nothing had really changed. It was still the most charismatically rustic collection of architectural porn I’d ever seen.

Kerry James Marshall's Figurative Mastery

While the distinctions between the paintings might lie in whether it’s a historic event, landscape or interior composition, the unifying attributes are striking bold colors and exquisite detail. Some of the paintings reminded me of photographs due to the amount of specificity and precision present in the entirety of the piece.

Photogenic Swimwear!

Since March 2007 Orlebar Brown’s tailored trunks have been gracing the butts of the stylish elite—offering one-of-a-kind prints and patterns that easily transition from the beach or poolside to a casual lunch or shopping trip out on the town.

If You Value Woke Hip-Hop, You'll Love Logic.

Rising above the rank and file rappers of today, Logic is elevating rap music through candidly addressing racial identity politics and the convoluted role spirituality plays in disenfranchised communities. Through artful and experimental musicality that satisfies the intricate beat lovers and the admirers of talented lyricists who seriously spit, Logic spreads a clear message of equality.

One Man's Chachki Is Another Man's Object D'Art!

I suppose I take issue with the word “chachki.” I’ve come to view collecting distinctive objects as a wonderful way to express myself in my physical world. Photographs, art collections, and tangible mementoes acquired overtime through travel and adventures serve as the heart and soul of a home. We spend a considerable amount of time indoors, so why not fill our spaces with treasures that enrich our quality of life and bring us joy?  I call it conscientious materialism.

Masters of Taste

From Miro to Mama Lion, over 30 of LA’s top restaurants, most celebrated chefs, master mixologists, hand-crafted breweries, local wineries, and pastry extraordinaire’s assembled on the 50 yard field to feed and quench the salivating masses.  What I love about these events besides the all-you-can-eat-and-drink aspects of them is, being able to try a variety of cuisines I normally wouldn’t taste in one place.

Spring Into Designer Button-Downs.

Here are four independent designers that continue to move the fashion needle forward producing novel pieces that leave lasting impressions. All four make their clothing in America and pride themselves on using superior fabrics and construction modalities to create their collections. I imagine the shirts you purchase from these designers will quickly become your favorites and edify your “cool status” in the eyes of their many admirers. 

Launching the TBOT Bazaar With New Massage Fireplace Candles!

Chicken and Waffles?’ Wait… Really? I opened the jar to smell the candle and I was sold. This is unbelievable, I said in amazement letting my credit card continue its tour de force!  How did you capture the essence of this smell so accurately? All of their candles smell exactly like their namesakes no matter how obscure and unusual the scents are. In that moment I knew Fireplace Candles would be the perfect company to collaborate with to create an exclusive line of luxury candles for TBOT.

Linking The Underground Railroad to Get Out

The reader and the viewer are invited into the thoughts and fears of a black slave girl in the 1800s and a black male who’s half of an interracial couple in 2017. Penetrating the timeline that divides them, is an indistinguishable thematic connection of psychological warfare and oppressive control driven by fear that intimately links these two artistic works.

Where Brooklyn At, Where Brooklyn At, Where Brooklyn At?

From Babs (Barbra Streisand) to Biggie (The Notorious B.I.G.), Brooklyn has long been the birthplace for many of societies most accomplished contributors and the preeminent ground zero of cool. A manifold of cultures producing art, food, fashion, literature, theater and music across a landscape of neighborhoods marked by distinctive architecture and historic significance, have inspired its new inhabitants tenfold. Though its been spiffed and polished, the bones of the BK still remain.